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I am a Patient Advocate for Biogen, the company that makes the MS drug Tysabri.


This was taken at a recent seminar in Lincoln, Nebraska;


Check out the Tysabri brochure on my MS page.


While my publisher, Tate Publishing, has closed its doors, a person can still order a copy of A Tear-Stained Letter on Amazon.  



The publisher of my book, Tate Publishing, is going out of business and A Tear-Stained Letter, like many others, will soon be out of print.



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"Beachy’s narrative offers a vocabulary and several ways to deal with the chaotic feelings that are unmoored when a person kills themselves, leaving others behind in the emotional wake. And because of this, A Tear-Stained Letter may be especially helpful as a reassurance and affirmation for those still participating in this thing called “life.”


Read the full review here: Albuquerque Alibi;





Despite what some in the media claim, MS is NOT a death sentence.

Katie, Josh and their kinds Derek, Damon and Dillon.

Our daughter, Megan, and her boyfriend, Dane celebrating her 27th birthday in Carroll.





   Learn about multiple sclerosis on my MS page. .



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