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In the notice I have posted about my publisher, Tate Publishing, closing its doors is correct, but I have found out that a person can still order my book on Amazon and have it delivered (I just did).


The publisher of my book, Tate Publishing, is going out of business and A Tear-Stained Letter, like many others, will soon be out of print.



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ʺWhen two Memphis police detectives knocked on Vern Beachy's door on a Friday night in June of 2006, Vern didn't know what the detectives had to say, but he knew it wasn't good news. In fact, it was about the worst message one can hear. Vern's wife, Melinda, was dead, and it was believed she had committed suicide.ʺ



"Beachy’s narrative offers a vocabulary and several ways to deal with the chaotic feelings that are unmoored when a person kills themselves, leaving others behind in the emotional wake. And because of this, A Tear-Stained Letter may be especially helpful as a reassurance and affirmation for those still participating in this thing called “life.”


Read the full review here: Albuquerque Alibi;


This is Mom and Dad and Murphy;






Julie and I will be back in the Twin Cities in April for another speaking engagement. This time at Salut in Saint Paul.


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