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I am going to be heading in a radical new direction for 2020 and beyond. I am starting the process of switching MS drugs from Tysabri to possibly Ocrevus. Change is hard, but maybe it's time.


I always strive for fresh, relevant information about MS and my journey on my YouTube page.



I wrote and published a memoir entitled A Tear-Stained Letter; Surviving multiple sclerosis and my wife's suicide. However, my Publisher went out of business. In May 2017, Ryan Tate and Richard Tate were charged with several felony counts related to fraudulent business practices. As a result; my book is no longer in print.


More information here and on my Book page.







Propranolol is the prescription I got for essential tremors.

I  have 'essential tremors, which have popped up over the past 6 months or so.