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KCIM Carroll, Iowa 1988

Little Rock, Arkansas, 1996

Broadcasting from the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in 1998.



March 1996
WHO Radio guest 2014;

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To read about and listen to my special series of investigative reports on the late Indian artist RC Gorman click here or the green button above.

My work on the special investigative reports was recognized by author James Scarantino;

This is a memo from the General Manager of KARN following a raucous "news event" day in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Radio News Archives. I began my radio news career at a 100,000 watt radio station in Clarion, Iowa, my hometown, in September of 1985. I was hired as news director at KRIT FM.
I ended my radio news career 17 years later as the news director at KOB AM in Albuquerque, New Mexico. By choice? Not hardly. I "retired" from the daily workforce one year after I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in September of 1998.
I have reported thousands upon thousands of stories over the years and specialized in the beats of politics, crime and courts and feature.
The notable stories I have covered include the Flood of 93 in Iowa, the crash of flight 232 in July of 1989, the Presidential campaigns of 1988, 1992, 1996 and 2000 as well as Republican and Democratic national political conventions.

I have finally found some digital copies of my earliest newscasts on KRIT in Clarion, Iowa. These newscasts were recorded on January first of 1986. (Man, I was green!) While these are taken from video, only the audio portion is available here.

Okay, the video was still running in the studio after my newscast and we were chit-chatting (It was New Year's Day and we had to work. Ha).

This is a standard "arson" story. Standard, except, for the age of the little firebugs.


Brad and Misty Bernall, the parents of Cassie Bernall who was killed during Columbine, spoke to a Church in New Mexico about the lessons learned from the tragedy.


A branch of the NEA (the Stalinist-like Teacher's Union) really got up-in-arms about a proposed voucher system in New Mexico.

Then-Governor Gary Johnson started a firestorm when he suggested that the War on Drugs was a failure and something else should be done (like legalization).

The death penalty is the law in New Mexico, but only on paper. Many, like this District Attorney, want to change that.

The daughter of David Parker Ray, charged in the Truth or Consequences sex and torture case, was also an accomplice in the case.

A kissing bank robber (or Robin-The-Hood).

I spoke with the relative of one of the victim's of the Railroad killer after the man turned himself in.

A burned-out airplane was found at a semi-private airport in Albuquerque...but no pilot.

Small town political games ensnarl all cities and suburbs.

Statutory rape is the charge.

Bob Dole ran for president several times. I caught up with him during one stop.

I spoke with a witness of a bus crash in New Mexico.

KRNT in Des Moines was an affiliate of the CBS Radio network and I contributed to the national newscast frequently. I filed this report just before Gulf War I.

Then-vice president Dan Quayle was in Iowa on a campaign trip for then-Congressman Jim Ross Lightfoot in 1995.

Just more than 10-years ago (in 1994) Dan Quayle talked about running for the top job in the country.

The Public Safety Director, Darren White, talked about Jail escapees in New Mexico. White later was elected Sheriff of Bernalillo County.

This story hit close to home because Dr. Georges Redding was charged with helping a woman who suffered from multiple sclerosis take her own life.

Gay curriculum in the Des Moines school system didn't go over well, and the Superintendent nixed the plan.

This is the type of response that was generated when officials tried to implement Gay curriculum in the Des Moines schools.

When Elizabeth Dole led the Red Cross she stopped frequently in Des Moines.

I lived and worked the Flood of '93 in Des Moines. Here are two reports back-to-back, including an appearance by President Clinton.

One of the various idiotic stories that state officials pushed in the aftermath of the flood was that drug abuse would spike. Nope. Didn't happen. It was one of those Chicken Little stories.

As is his mantra, Jesse Jackson claimed flood relief in Des Moines was racist

The arrest of the Los Padillas Gang in Albuquerque

Lawyer Gerry Spence successfully defended Randy Weaver in the Ruby Ridge case. I talked with Spence at a hotel room in Des Moines.

Randy Weaver talks about his experience at Ruby Ridge.

I also covered some sports while I was in Des Moines; Grand Prix in Des Moines. Besides, my free press pass was better than any ticket I could buy.

 A Gambler's Assistance Hotline is NOT designed to help you pick the best numbers to play.

Fred Grandy (Gopher on Love Boat) was a longtime Congressman in Iowa and once ran for Governor (he lost).

United Flight 232 crashed in Sioux City, Iowa on July 19, 1989. I talked with Captain Al Haynes five years later at a reunion of survivors in Des Moines.

I thought this idea was pretty stupid and amounted to just pandering. Hillary Clinton was in Iowa and talked about "Momma grams."

The conventional wisdom is that all politicians lie, Iowa Democrat Tom Harkin is one of the worst.

Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor spoke at Drake University in Des Moines (my wife's alma mater).

Jim Baca was the mayor of Albuquerque who ran on a platform of fiscal responsibility (don't they all?). Yet, he decided to spend a bunch of money to remodel his office. He didn't get re-elected.

Juvenile criminals got a warning in Iowa.

This is one of my live reports while I was at KOB Radio in Albuquerque.

Iowa has a lottery and after a dozen or so stories about winners I decided to rhyme one (I was bored I guess).

I met Martin Sheen when he protested in front of the Los Alamos National Laboratory. This was right after he signed on to star in The West Wing. He said he acted to keep living and protested to keep alive.

If you look up the word "arrogance" in the dictionary, you would read about investors who wanted to run a gambling boat in Iowa.

Remember the guy known as the Railroad Killer? He turned himself in after his sister in Albuquerque turned him in.

Most cold weather/car stories are boring. Add some sound to catch the listeners attention. I talked with Mechanic Ray Schiltz of Des Moines to discuss below-zero conditions for your car. 

Ross Perot had some good ideas when he was running for president. At least until he went wacko.

Topless in Santa Fe.

A prominent businessman in New Mexico, who was also a former mover and shaker in the state Democratic Party, owned a bus company that skirted inspections until a mountain accident killed a kid.

I covered an explosion at a Sioux City chemical plant. Reporters CAN cover stories from 400 miles away.

A newscast while I worked at Radio Iowa in Des Moines. Here is another newscast.

Iowa Senator Al Sturgeon talks about forfeiture laws.

A cold case in Iowa, a VERY COLD CASE.

This case was referred to as the Truth or Consequences Sex and Torture case.

Des Moines lawyer David Belen (now deceased) was a member of the Warren Commission and he didn't like filmmaker Oliver Stone.

A casting call for the movie The Bridges of Madison County was held in Des Moines.

The day after an election, in my mind, is when TV gets watchable again (no political ads).







Vern Beachy
I am a former radio news director at stations and networks in Iowa, Arkansas and New Mexico and managing editor for a television station (NBC) in Little Rock, Arkansas. I spent 17 years as a journalist covering politics, crime and courts, features and other general assignments.

Journalism awards;


On assignment at the Des Moines airport in 1991

News Director, KOB, 1997


With Senator Charles Grassley at KRIT in 1987

1988 in the KCIM Studio

KARN Radio promo shot 1995;


Radio Iowa 1994;


A new book by Author James Scarantino has put renewed focus on the series of investigative reports I wrote and produced while News Director at KOB in Albuquerque, New Mexico.