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At the NMSS volunteer award luncheon in Des Moines, March 2014



I am a Patient Advocate for Biogen/IDEC, the company that makes Tysabri. I participate in and/or speak at various MS events throughout the Midwest. I became a Patient Advocate four years after starting Tysabri in November of 2006.


Like the disease itself, the drugs for MS will affect everyone differently. Yes, I started walking one day after my 3rd infusion of Tysabri, but that doesn't mean everyone will notice a change that quickly. Many have, but others have not.



The Albuquerque Journal; November 2000


For those who don't know: Yes, I believe CCSVI is a joke. Just like the issue of medical marijuana, there is no CLINICAL proof that the Liberation procedure is helping anyone with MS.


I think most people with MS know about CCSVI. Click the icon below to go to my YouTube video on the topic. 



Yep, the CCSVI theory is crap;












I am taking the drug "TYSABRI" for my MS and have been on it since November of 2006. I get an IV infusion once every 28 days.



My Neurologist is Doctor Bruce Hughes, the head of the Ruan MS Center at Mercy Hospital in Des Moines.






With friends Barbara and Tom Sales at the BIOGEN Advocate Conference in Boston in 2013; getting fuel for another year. :)



Check out my video on Healthline.com!



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