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If you have questions about MS, I hope this page answers some of them. If not, please send me an email.



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Question: How long have you had MS? Since September, 1998.

What form? Relapsing-Remitting.

Are you in a wheelchair? Not anymore, I did use one for four years.  

How soon after you started Tysabri did you start walking? 3 months and 1 day.

How many relapses have you had since starting Tysabri? Zero.  

Do you have an innie or an outie? Innie.






I am a Patient Advocate for Biogen, the company that makes Tysabri. I participate in and/or speak at various MS events throughout the Midwest. I became a Patient Advocate in 2010, four years after starting Tysabri in November of 2006.


Like the disease itself, the drugs for MS will affect everyone differently. Yes, I started walking one day after my 3rd infusion of Tysabri, but that doesn't mean everyone will notice a change that quickly. Many have, but others have not.


The Albuquerque Journal; November 2000


While I started walking shortly after I began to take Tysabri in November of 2006, I used a wheelchair for four years prior to that time. I also received IV steroid treatments several times a year for MS relapses. April of 2006 was the last steroid treatment I have had.






I am taking the drug "TYSABRI" for my MS and have been on it since November of 2006. I get an IV infusion once every 28 days.