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   Check out my YouTube videos here or click the film logo to the left. The focus of my videos/channel is to offer a glimpse into my journey with MS and provide an inspirational look at life with a chronic disease.

 I am a Patient Advocate for the drug company, Biogen, which makes the MS drug, Tysabri. As a PA I travel across the country speaking at MS seminars about my experience with the disease and taking Tysabri.

"Dr. Paolo Zamboni has publicly concluded that “the liberation treatment” for MS does not work."



I started having walking difficulties shortly after I was diagnosed in 1998. Eventually I used a wheelchair for four years before Tysabri came on the market.


 I took part in a video shoot about patient advocacy at the BIOGEN Headquarters in Boston. You can see part of it here or click the "Fighter's forum" to view it.


Speaking to people before an MS seminar in Lebanon, Oregon;



This is the brochure that Biogen distributes to MS seminars and doctor's offices nationwide;









I am taking the drug "TYSABRI" for my MS and have been on it since November of 2006. I get an IV infusion once every 28 days. UPDATE JUNE 2018. I now get an infusion every 6 weeks instead of every four.











About 3 years after I started the Tysabri Recovery Series videos on YouTube, CBS News published this story (click the image above)  and it prompted a visit to my house by the FDA. Biogen has never paid me one cent for the videos (nor have I sought compensation), 

The reporter, inexplicably (but not surprisingly) never contacted me for my comments before it was published.