Julie and I recently (July 2011) went on a vacation to southern Missouri (Lake of the Ozarks) to see my parents and Julie's family.

Mom and Dad came to Memphis for a quick visit on November 19th & 20th, 2005


Uncle Roger in February 2011


My 47th Birthday party in Arcadia;


Aunts and Uncles and Dad, May 2005, b- Lynn, Roger, Calvin, John, Dad

f- Nola, Ellen

Evan and his two children, Megan and Matt, May 2005

The Beachy Breezer ultralight

A photo of me flying the Beachy Breezer

Beachy Breezer Manufacturing in Clarion, Iowa.

I took this as I was flying from Ft Dodge to Clarion, Iowa. The altimeter says I am 500 feet up.

Niece Casie Beachy, Senior Photo

Casie's graduation announcement

The best BBQ in the country, just blocks from our house.

The corner down the block

Uncle Calvin's home in France

Calvin collects old cameras

My first car, a 1963 Impala. It was a basketcase when I got it.

My 2nd car, a 1965 El Camino. 300hp, 327, 12:1 pistons, T10 trans, 4:11 gears. I think I lost my license several times with it.

Melinda in 1991

Mom and Dad programming their car for the return trip to Missouri from Memphis


Evan and Matt

I have a lot of radio station shirts (mostly freebies), but this one I paid for because I like 'em


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Vern Beachy
I am a published author living in Carroll, Iowa, with my lovely wife, Julie. 

Julie got baptized on August 10th in Red Oak, Iowa, by Pastor Scott Weber

In Branson, Missouri with Julie, Mom and Dad and long-time friend Lou Rivera

In the WHO RADIO studio on April 23rd;

Albuquerque, New Mexico 2013;